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It took me five years to realize some bacteria was the cause of my dandruff

I can’t say I’ve ever been that girl with the healthiest and shiniest looking hair, but I didn’t have my first severe case of dandruff until I was in my late thirties, after the birth of my second child. Friends and family chimed in and convinced me surely it was due to some hormonal imbalance and things would get back to normal soon. My scalp was so itchy all the time that I felt like scratching it like crazy, even if I was in public. I tried every sort of anti-dandruff shampoo but nothing soothed that itch.

Because I was still breastfeeding, I couldn’t use harsh chemicals and I was sure the shampoos I was using were too mild to get rid of dandruff for good. It wasn’t until a lot of research for a shampoo that worked that I found out that dandruff could be caused by bacteria. Hormonal imbalance they said! Obviously, they knew nothing about the topic. Bacteria-caused dandruff made perfect sense to me, especially since you can catch anything in hospitals these days. I was in debilitated state so it made perfect sense to me that I would be more vulnerable to bacteria. Frankly, dandruff had never crossed my mind as one of the ailments I could get at a hospital after childbirth, and yet nothing else made sense in my head.

As my research went deeper so did my knowledge on the best products with all-natural ingredients. When I found the Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo, I knew I had found the right product for me. It was made with organic ingredients, without harsh chemicals, and it focused on keeping the bacteria that was causing dandruff to spread.
The day I started using it, I decided this would be my shampoo forever, whether I ever had dandruff again or not. My hair looks amazing and healthy as it never did before!

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