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What keeps my eczema under control when I travel

When I decided to become a travel journalist, I knew my eczema would be my biggest problem. Stress, jet lag, and constantly changing from one climate to the next were the worst enemy for anyone suffering from a chronic skin condition. But that wasn’t enough to convince me I would be better off doing something else in life. I definitely didn’t see myself sitting behind a desk at any 9 to 5 job. Now that would probably give me a lot more stress than travel and would not be good for eczema!

My main concern was to make my skin adjust to different environments as quickly as possible and with as little impact as possible too. I also wanted to travel light, so carrying a lot of medication, lotions, and creams was not a viable solution, although I had to carry that burden for a big chunk of my professional life.

When I say FaceDoctor completely changed the way I survive long haul flights it’s because it did. Finding FaceDoctor’s medicated soap a year ago was a happy coincidence. The active ingredient is sea buckthorn oil and that’s what makes all the difference. If you know anyone with a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis you will notice the twinkle in their eyes when you mention the sea buckthorn oil because it’s truly powerful. To be able to have that in a bar of soap that I can use everywhere I go, without worrying how my skin will react, is the best gift ever.

I travel with it everywhere and I love how healthy my skin feels and looks. I love that I’m able to control the eczema flares, especially when I’m waiting in those long TSA lines and my flight is about to take off! Something else flares up then but there’s nothing my miracle soap can do about it!

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