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DermaPro Beauty Cream for Acne Treatment

According to American Academy of Dermatology, acne is the most widespread skin ailment in America, which affects nearly 50 million citizens. Almost 85% of people have acne mostly on chest, face, and back. Although overproduction of oil and blockage of follicles are the main causes, the experts have also unleashed one more cause through research – the influx of Demodex parasites. Thriving on the oily sebum as well as under follicles, these microscopic mites are found to be 2.8 times more in acne patients. Similarly, the infestation rate is also 20% more in them than in healthy people. These facts clearly reveal the need of a treatment that can deal with these parasites effectively.

One such treatment comes from the award-winning brand FaceDoctor. Its innovative DermaPro line’s beauty cream can make you get rid of these sites permanently. Regarded as an organic treatment, this cream is formulated with the active ingredient called seabuckthorn oil. Extracted from the plant of the same name, the oil is powerful enough to kill the mites. It is also capable of reversing the inflammatory symptoms induced by these mites, thus, helping you to recover faster. Apart from this oil, the cream has moisturizing and cleansing agents that mend scar-triggered damage and restore the balance of essential elements required for healthy skin.

Above all, the product is the only beauty cream in the market to have the highest concentration of seabuckthorn oil. This ensures quick healing on any skin without triggering any side effects.

In short, the DermaPro Beauty Cream is bound to give you safe and quick results.

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