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CLEAR Ultra Scrub: Perfect Exfoliator for Obtaining a Radiant Complexion

Blackheads coupled with aging signs, deteriorating texture, and unhealthy pores surely tend to make your skin look dull and embarrassing. If you have firmly resolve to beat all of them at once, know that you will win this battle because “Where there is a will, there is a way!” There is one black head removal product that justifies this old adage in the most affordable and effective manner. Available through the highly admired FaceDoctor brand, this product is known CLEAR Ultra Scrub.

Formulated professionally, the scrub from the collection of CLEAR 60 aims at renewing and purifying the texture and look of the aging skin. As a result, you are ensured of the desired smoothness and freshness. Just like other ULTRA products, the scrub has been tested for its capability of signaling the skin to perform like it did during the days of youth. This organic black head removal as well as anti-aging treatment works by exfoliating and toning the skin gently, which results in deep cleansing to remove blackhead, oil, break-out inflicting dirt, dead cells, and bacteria. The scrub also has the power to tighten the pores for a ensuring a radiant complexion and renewed skin. Skin renewal is essential for protection from further damage and maintaining a healthy and glowing look.

This CLEAR solution gets the power to perform multiple skin activities from its organically grown robust ingredients such as shea butter, Argan oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, glycerin, seabuckthorn oil, dimethlaminoethanol (DMAE), methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), resveratrol, apricot shells, jojoba beads, CO-Q10, Vitamin E, pomegranate seeds, and silver citrate. The seabuckthorn oil and the sterilized Colloidal silver slays down all pathogens to avert future mutations, while the other ingredients ensures deep moisturizing. For best results, it is recommended using this scrub before applying the ULTRA Firming lotion.

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