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Can you have silky shiny hair without going to a salon every week?

There are so many people asking me about my hair that I should start a blog about it. It’s not rocket science. I simply found the perfect hair conditioner for all types of hair and it can be used by everyone, even if you have a skin condition. I’ve been using Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner for one month now and I have no intention to switch to whatever I used before.

For me, going to the salon every week was mandatory. I never had the healthiest scalp and I only felt it thoroughly cleaned after my regular trips to the salon. Besides, their hair conditioners were amazing on my dry hair and split ends.

But after a few life adjustments I had to make, going to the salon every week was no longer an option and I had to find an affordable alternative that I could do at home. What did I do? Got samples from all anti-dandruff and sensitive scalp hair conditioners I could find to narrow down my options. Guess which one worked? None, because I was looking at this from the wrong perspective. Instead of finding a conditioner that kept my scalp healthy, I looked for one to fix the problem.

Focusing on my scalp’s health is what led me to Hair and Scalp Doctor Conditioner, and I never looked back nor missed my trips to the salon That sea buckthorn oil is amazing and the results are out of this world! Shortly after I found out they also have a shampoo so I felt unstoppable!

You too can have silky shiny hair without going to a salon every week if you focus on the right products like these from FaceDoctor. They work because they care about your complexion’s balance, not just focusing on solving the problem at the end of the line.

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