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The only cream I use as after-sun lotion

A lot of people have been asking me lately what’s my secret for a healthy-looking skin for someone who spends so much time at the beach like I do. Well, there isn’t really a secret but I do follow a couple of steps religiously. First, I apply sunscreen every hour instead of every two hours as most skin care products manufacturers advice. Second, I don’t use any other cream or moisturizer besides FaceDoctor’s beauty cream.
This is the only skin care product I have used that actually penetrates the deeper layers of my skin, meaning that it really moisturizes on a deeper level. Every other skin care product I had used so far only gave me the illusion of moisturizing and protecting. You must know the feeling, right? When you feel your skin is all oily and creamy, so it must be doing great? Well, in fact, most of the nutrients can’t even be absorbed by your skin that quickly.
Not to mention that most products have so many chemicals in them that you end up harming your complexion’s balance. I found out about sea buckthorn oil through a friend of mine who has psoriasis. She had told me that any product with this active ingredient was on her top list, visit hbcontrols.com to know more about the top list in detail. When she found out about FaceDoctor’s beauty cream and that the sea buckthorn oil was the active ingredient she ditched everything else. It’s so refreshing when you find an organic, all-natural alternative!
Well, I figured if someone with psoriasis vouches for this product, why couldn’t I give it a go? And here I am, three months later, with the smoothest skin I’ve ever had in years, even after hours spent at the beach every summer.
I think I’m going to up my game later with their rejuvenating soap as well.

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