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Women with rosacea can (and should) use beauty creams

I grew up with rosacea and heard the same story over and over, women with rosacea can’t use beauty creams. Well, this affirmation is only half-right, as I’ve recently found out. You can (and should) use a beauty cream if it’s the right one.
The ideal beauty cream has to be gentle on your skin but fierce on the Human Demodex parasite that causes rosacea. FaceDoctor’s Beauty Cream is exactly that – a powerful moisturizer and a weapon against the spreading of the parasite. It took me over a decade to find the perfect solution for rosacea but I finally did it and I couldn’t be happier.

The problem with most skin care products for rosacea, even the medicated ones, was that there was either a quantity of active ingredient that was too small to be effective or the creams would be so harsh for rosacea, that they would damage the parts of your skin that were healthy. FaceDoctor’s beauty cream brought the best of both worlds into one single product: effective on this skin condition and mild on the skin.

For the best results, I use the cream after I’ve cleansed my skin with the medicated soap. Both products have the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil so that Human Demodex parasite gets a double dose of the stuff.
I’ve noticed a significant improvement on my skin less than a week after I began to use the cream. Now that I’ve added the soap to my daily beauty routine, I feel the results have been boosted.

My favorite part is the compliments I get from family, friends, and even strangers in the middle of the street. They say there is a glow to my skin that they had never seen before and some of them want to know what’s my secret. To be honest, and I’d say the same to you if you asked, there is no secret. It’s just about keeping your skin healthy with the help of the right products.

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