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How to treat psoriasis using nothing but a soap

Like anyone else I know who suffers from psoriasis, it took me a long time to finally find that balance that allows me to lead a normal life. Up until last year, every time I had to travel somewhere, I could never do something as simple as packing only a carry-on. The number of lotions, creams, special soaps, and medicine I had to carry with me was insane. I still found ways to downsize the best I could, making bold decisions about what lotion could I leave behind and researching my destination thoroughly to find out if I’d be able to buy something similar once I got there. As easy as this might sound (and obvious), I wasn’t happy with the price tag that sometimes came with it. While at home I had a prescription for all the meds I need it, abroad I had to pay full price and, unless I was traveling in Asia, the currency conversion rate was not gentle.

I’d say practicality and budget were the two factors that led me to start researching for better skin care products for psoriasis. It had to be something I could easily pack in a carry on and use anywhere, it couldn’t be too expensive, it had to be effective in the long-term (so I didn’t have to worry about any surprise flares), and I was aiming for an all-natural product (although if I could get all the other three, skipping this one wouldn’t make that big of a difference).

Until I found FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap I had no idea all four things were possible in a single skin care product for psoriasis. In fact, I had never heard anyone with psoriasis say they used all-natural products because we tend to think that those are the least effective ones. Not so. This soap has been wonderful and not only does it deliver on all those four things I was looking for in a product, I feel it’s actually improved my complexion, to the point I hardly have my psoriasis flaring up these days.

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