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Flight attendance and dandruff don’t go well together…

As a flight attendant, you always have to look your best and bring your nicest smile to work every day (even if you’re suffering from jet lag). However, the strangest thing happened to me after my last long haul flight that drove me crazy. I began to have dandruff. The skin on my scalp was so irritated that I couldn’t stop scratching (and, trust me, controlling that urge to scratch on a plane was tough), to the point I thought I might have lice. The minute I landed and got off duty, I went to see the company’s doctor. He ruled out lice (that was a relief) and urged me to see a dermatologist to take a look at my scalp. Not only was my skin itchy, but I could feel how dry it was and began to see the little skin flakes on my shoulders. This was enough to ask for a two-week leave from work to fix the problem.

The dermatologist confirmed the dandruff diagnosis but assured me it was treatable. He explained to me how your complexion’s balance changes with age, weather conditions, and stress, and all those shifts could cause your skin to produce oil in excess, making it the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and spread. The best way to fight this and not hurt my already sensitive skin, he told me, was to use an all-natural shampoo with sea buckthorn oil, a powerful anti-bacterial natural ingredient.

Hair & Scalp Doctor Antibacterial Shampoo immediately came to mind because I remember one of my colleagues using it for her eczema. I managed to solve my skin condition in one week but I’ve never stopped using the shampoo and I’ll continue to use it. Knowing what I know now about keeping the balance of my complexion with my crazy job, I couldn’t see myself switching to any other shampoo.

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