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Various Tips to prevent Back Acne

Back acne is fairly common in about two third of the acne sufferers and are most severe in males. Most of the acne sufferers with facial acne can have back acne. This acne on the back is generally called as ‘bacne’. It often crop up in the regions like back, shoulders and upper arms and the cause behind its occurrence are same as that of facial acne. But its treatment is little tougher when compared to facial acne as the skin in these regions are much more thicker and have more sebaceous glands compared to facial skin. A person suffering from back acne will also have facial acne. It normally starts from face and then advance to other regions.

Similar to facial acne there are several factors leading to back acne like excess sebum production, excess production of dead cells, action of bacteria, damage done by human demodex parasite etc. The blocking up of pores due to dirt and oil, along with the action of bacteria and human demodex parasite can lead to black heads, white heads, cysts, lesions and pustules. Other specific causes include use of tight fitting clothes which can cause the perspiration to get trapped within the pores and irritation caused to the skin because of carrying back bags. These things can prevent skin from breathing and can result in back acne.

The primary step to prevent the occurrence of back acne is to maintain your skin as clean as possible. Never allow perspirations to settle down in your skin. Whenever you sweat take a bath as soon as possible. Next thing is to exfoliate your skin at least two times a week. You may use a loofah for this purpose. But excessive scrub on the acne affected regions should be avoided. Always wear clean clothes, as wearing clothes without washing can cause bacteria to rebuild in your skin giving way to back acne. Back acne can be treated well using acne soaps. These soaps generally have ingredients which can prevent development of back acne.

There are numerous over the counter medicines available for treating back acne.  If your back acne is severe it would be better you see a dermatologist. Acne soaps made from sea buckthorn oil are highly competent in treating back acne. As sea buckthorn oil is having ability to destroy the human demodex parasite residing in your skin follicles resulting in back acne. Acne soaps from Facedoctor are prepared with these natural oil and they are mild with efficient cleansing effect. These soaps can reduce your back acne symptoms considerably.

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