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Attain a cheerful rosacea free life through these simple home remedies

You may be wondering why even some over the counter medications and other treatments doesn’t give you the expected result in treating rosacea. You often find it very hard to find a right treatment. Though there are several over the counter medications and other treatments available these days, it is not necessary that the treatment work in your case. Medicines respond differently for different rosacea sufferers depending upon their cause and triggers leading to rosacea. So far there is no known cure for this illness and the one which works with majority of the people often become the treatments. But many forms of rosacea can be successfully treated through some home remedies at the comfort of your own home.

You often worry about the future flare ups. But knowing your own disease is the primary step to avoid future rosacea flare ups.  Understanding your own case of rosacea by knowing your triggers and avoiding them is extremely essential. You must note down the conditions that has led to the flare ups. It might be the hot spicy foods or caffeinated or alcoholic drinks you have consumed, or might be a sun tan, stress or changes in climate or anything else. But only by knowing them you can take necessary precautions to prevent flare-ups.

Skin of a rosacea sufferer is quite sensitive. So, extreme care is required while dealing with their sensitive skin. Harsh chemical based cleansers which may contain alcohol, which are abrasives or one which clog pores are the first things to remove from your list and it should be replaced with some mild natural based cleansers. Use of scrubs or cleansing powders can create much harm for your sensitive skin and hence must be strictly avoided. Heavy exposure to sun is found to be a major trigger for many rosacea sufferers. So try to avoid direct exposure using a wide brimmed hat and apply a gentle sunscreen product whenever you’re going out

Cold compress is an efficient home remedy in reducing blushing. For this soak a wash cloth in cold water and hold and press in the facial area where there is flushing. This can constrict the dilated blood vessels and can reduce inflammation and redness. Doing so at least three times a day during flare-ups can be a great relief. Drinking fenugreek tea is also an effective way to heal the damage caused on your skin due to rosacea. Applying oat meal which is rich in antioxidants over the blushed facial area is also an effective way to reduce inflammation.  Try to include cool foods in your diet especially lot of vegetables and fruits. Rosacea no longer needs to annoy you anymore. Just try these simple home remedies and lead a cheerful life.

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