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I used to have three different skin care products. Since FaceDoctor, I only use one.

When it comes to skin types, I’m always the odd one in the group. I grew up with severe acne and it took me almost 10 years to get to the state of a normal-looking complexion. In the process, I lost count of how many tricks and products I tried. When I narrowed the necessary skin care products to three, I thought that was a win. Until I found out I could do just well with one, and that’s how FaceDoctor Beauty Cream came into the picture.

I didn’t have any faith in products made with all-natural ingredients because I was under the impression they weren’t effective. I always thought that if a soap is not foaming, then it’s not cleaning your skin properly and if a cream is not rich and thick, then it’s not a good moisturizer. Like many other people, I had been convinced by countless publicity ads instead of logically thinking what would be better for my complexion.

When I ran into an old friend from High School, the first thing I noticed was her flawless-looking skin. I confess I immediately thought of surgery so I casually asked what she was doing to look that great after 20 years. That was the first time I heard about an all-natural beauty cream that moisturized, heal, and respected the complexion’s balance. She made sure to point out all the benefits of this FaceDoctor product because she was tired of people thinking she’d had work done on her face. I felt embarrassed for a second but told her it was almost impossible to believe that a cream could do all that. And then, out of the blue, she handed me the FaceDoctor cream she kept in her purse – “I know how you struggled with acne, so you’ll only understand the effects of this when you try it”.
This was one of the strangest encounters in my life but it changed how I deal with skin care forever. Just in case someone needs the same reality check, I always have FaceDoctor beauty cream in my purse.

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