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My grandmother’s skin cancer made me realize I wasn’t paying attention to the most important organ in my body

When my grandmother was diagnosed with skin cancer, I took a completely different look at how I managed the care and health of my own skin. Fortunately, she battled cancer and survived, but the whole experience changed my life forever. I kept thinking of all the times I got sunburns because I always forgot to put on sunscreen, or all those harsh products I used in the past to cleanse my skin from dead cells. I had no idea how much harm I had done, but I knew one thing for sure: I was not treating the most important organ in my body with the respect and care it deserved.

Determined to find an all-natural product that would respect my complexion’s balance and still be effective, I tried probably a dozen of soaps, lotions, and creams. I wasn’t happy about the results just as I wasn’t happy about the money I had spent on useless products. However, I deemed the investment necessary for the experiment and moved on to a couple more weeks of research and a new batch of products. Among them were the FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap that would change my life forever and my belief in organic skin care products.

The day I started to use this sea buckthorn oil soap, I felt different. I can’t honestly claim that there were immediate results (I wasn’t really keeping track), but I felt my skin was reacting to this product in a very organic and balanced way if that makes sense. It was almost as if I wasn’t using any product at all and it was unlike anything else I had used before.

To find such a product that was effective without harming the balance of my complexion was super important to me. I’ve never used any other ever since.

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