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How popping zits was making my acne worse (and what I did to fix it)

I’m sure anyone suffering from acne has been there before. You have that large zit you just want to pop, thinking it would make it disappear faster, so you get to it. Then, when you wake up the next morning, it looks like they’ve multiplied overnight. Sounds familiar?

The reason why you shouldn’t pop zits is that you may be fixing one problem but spreading bacteria all over your skin. That’s why more acne outbreaks begin. The solution for this is much simpler than you think (and probably than what people have been telling you). The only way to properly get rid of acne and preventing it from coming back or getting worse is using soap.

Yes, it’s that simple. And once I figured this out and began a steady daily routine of using soap and nothing else to cleanse my skin, my complexion was completely different within days.
The only secret is that you use the right product like I do. I chose the FaceDoctor’s medicated soap because it’s simple to use, I can order it online and I can find it easily at my local health store, and it’s made with the powerful sea buckthorn oil. Why do I say powerful? Because this active ingredient is one of the favorites of everyone I know using all-natural, organic products.

This soap is fast-acting and effective, and not such a secret for people suffering from chronic skin conditions like rosacea and psoriasis. Figuring out that it could also be used to get rid of acne was just a bonus.
Even though my acne problem is pretty much under control now, I have never stopped using the soap. I think it’s one of the best products for people with, what I call, difficult complexions like me. Oh, and a bar of soap lasts for like three months, so it’s a great value-for-money deal too.

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