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How I finally understood rosacea (and how to deal with it)

I couldn’t understand why whatever product I used for my rosacea, I never got completely rid of it. I managed to control it on most days, but when I got stressed or the weather shifted, rosacea would flare up again. To me, it looked like an uneven battle that I was tired to fight.

I must have tried a dozen different products in three months and all of them with mediocre results (compared to what they promised). There was a point when I thought that maybe I had some sort of weird complexion that didn’t react to products the same way it was supposed to. Isn’t it that far fetched you know? The same medicine doesn’t work in the same way for everyone, so why should a skin care product be any different?

When a friend suggested I looked at my problem from a different perspective, I was puzzled at what she meant. She asked me if I had ever tried looking for the cause of rosacea instead of focusing solely on fixing the problem? Wait, there was a real cause for rosacea? I thought you kind of were born with it.

It took me a little research to find out about the Human Demodex parasite and learning this was the cause for most rosacea cases. How did I not know this before? No wonder the products didn’t work. They weren’t focusing on getting rid of the parasite, they were just meant to minimize the symptoms.

When I realized there was a medicated soap by FaceDoctor that not only cleaned my skin but stopped the parasite from spreading, I didn’t think twice. I had to have it and I had to try it.
The rest, as they say, is History. The active ingredient sea buckthorn oil has amazing properties that made me get rid of rosacea for good.

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