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4 Summer Camping Essentials

Summer is peak camping season and an excellent opportunity to enjoy activities like water sports, hiking, and cookouts in the sunshine. While there are some fundamentals you need for any camping trip, like a sleeping pad and tent, several items are crucial for summer camping to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable.


1. Insect Repellant

While summer camping is a great chance to explore the Great Outdoors, it is also the breeding season for mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than itchy insect bites. Biting, stinging insects are also disease carriers, putting you at risk of contracting malaria or the West Nile virus.

Protect yourself this summer with a powerful insect repellant that is kind to your skin. FaceDoctor Skin Armour Anti-Mosquito Soap is a dual-purpose product that repels insects and soothes skin after bug bites. The DEET-free, non-toxic formula offers up to eight hours of protection, and can be used while showering or applied directly to your dry skin.


2. Summer Tent

Summer tents are designed to minimize UV absorption and boost ventilation to regulate the interior temperature. This makes sleeping more comfortable and protects sensitive gear from heat damage.

Look for tents that have a smaller fly and larger ventilation panels to increase airflow. You should also find a tent that offers blackout technology to help keep the tent’s interior dark so you can enjoy a sleep-in on a summer morning.


3. Sun Shade

While most campgrounds offer shaded areas to eat and relax, you aren’t guaranteed that your site will have the coverage you need. A portable sun shade is an ideal solution, allowing you to set up your camp table and chairs and enjoy the outdoors while protecting against sunburn and heat injury.


4. Collapsible Water Container

Hot, humid weather leaves you vulnerable to dehydration. If you are traveling light, you may not have the space to carry liters of water to your campsite. Ensure you always have enough water for drinking and cooking with a collapsible water container. A collapsible water container reduces the number of trips to the potable water source on-site and means you don’t need to carry bottled water.


Protect Yourself This Summer With FaceDoctor

If you are heading out on a camping trip this summer, protect yourself with FaceDoctor skincare products. Browse our complete selection of skin and hair care products today.




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