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Skin Armour Anti-Mosquito Soap

Mosquitoes can suddenly become a problem anytime you’re outdoors, especially if you’re near water. Instead of dousing your body in chemical sprays that smell bad and leave residue on your skin, you can use a soap with natural essential oils to repel mosquitoes.

Skin Armour Anti-Mosquito Soap contains a variety of natural oils that are known and trusted to repel mosquitoes. It’s just as good at cleaning your body as it is at repelling mosquitoes, so you can use it year-round without having to switch back and forth.


The Science of Repelling Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are partially attracted to humans and animals’ scent, so masking that scent is a critical part of repelling them. Although you don’t want the scent to be strong and noticeable to humans, a light scent helps keep mosquitoes from getting too close.

Some scents outright repel mosquitoes and other insects. Eucalyptus and citronella are two strong repellents that are safe for application on the skin, even on young children. Even small amounts of these oils can be effective for hours as long as they are applied all over the body.


Bite Protection and Relief

Skin Armour contains the perfect amount of essential oils to help repel mosquitoes without leaving a heavy scent or residue. Eucalyptus and citronella are blended with glycerin to create a soap that provides protection without sacrificing cleaning power.

Skin Armour may also help provide relief if you’ve already been bitten. Lavender is known for its ability to soothe mosquito bites and other skin problems, and menthol is a counterirritant. Skin Armour includes both lavender and menthol, which improves its scent even more and makes the soap perfect for use at any time.

Skin Armour works best if you leave the soapy lather on your skin for one minute, then rinse it away. This gives your skin a chance to absorb the oils to provide you with mosquito protection for even longer.





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