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What to do when your stressful job can trigger eczema?

As an ER doctor who suffers from eczema, I can honestly tell you it’s been hard to control the stress-related triggers of the skin condition. I certainly should be stressed about my job, especially when I’m doing the night shift. I also didn’t want to resort to medicines filled with cortisone like I had my whole life. It doesn’t feel natural and my body reacts to it by slowing down my response time. Definitely not what you want from your ER doctor!

I tried several natural therapies to calm myself down, from yoga to meditation, to even taking long swims before my shift. Although I did feel relaxed in the beginning of my shift, it would only take me a couple of hours to go back to square one. I’m sure if you have a stressful job and must deal with eczema you know what I’m talking about.

As a trained medical professional, I know all the things that trigger my eczema and I’m able to control most of them. Stress was the hardest. I knew the only solution was to find an effective natural skin treatment, sort of a safety blanket. Something I knew was there to keep things in balance in case I couldn’t control the emotional triggers (which I often can’t).

Finding a natural eczema treatment with long lasting results was one of my toughest tasks. You wouldn’t believe the number of products out there that don’t live up to the expectations of someone suffering from eczema! Not to mention the ridiculously high price tag on some of them! Especially when some of the ingredients included do as much as washing up with water and ordinary soap… But FaceDoctor was different (and the affordable price is just another plus) because of the very effective active ingredient, the sea buckthorn oil. It works for the health of your skin (not for fighting symptoms) which means the results last longer and you can better control the flares.

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