Sea Buckthorn Oil

The Best Psoriasis Treatment Doesn’t Have to Be the Most Expensive

We live in a consumerist society and we were raised to believe that if you want high-quality products, you must pay a high price. For someone growing up with psoriasis, a chronic skin condition meant that my parents had to postpone most of their life projects to make sure I had the best treatment possible.

As an adult, some of these treatments were unsustainable and I was faced with having to make a choice. For someone who needs all the treatments on a regular basis, how do you decide which one you can let go?

Not willing to let go completely, I decided to continue the phototherapy sessions but look for a more affordable and effective natural skin treatment, despite the fact that everyone from my parents to my doctor told me it was virtually impossible. But here is something I had found out about a while ago and that they didn’t know about: an active ingredient called sea buckthorn oil. The only problem was that this active ingredient alone was too expensive, and most products claiming to have it were either overpriced or didn’t have the optimal amount of the active ingredient for it to be truly effective.

When I came across the FaceDoctor website and looked at the price of their sea buckthorn oil soap I thought it was a fake, honestly. How could something this effective be that cheap? I wouldn’t know unless I tried it, and I was willing to take the risk for at least a couple of weeks. Two weeks was the calculated amount of time I could wait, in case the product didn’t do anything and I had to go back to the old ones.

Well, it took me less time than that to see results and I was amazed. In one week, I started to see major improvements, muck quicker than with any other products I had used in the past. On the plus side, one single bar of soap can last me for three months. I can actually buy a one-year supply of soap without worrying about the budget.

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