What do you do when tonsillitis triggers a psoriasis crisis?

People always found it strange when I said I had to be careful not to catch a cold in the winter because of my psoriasis. They seemed confused. Wasn’t psoriasis a skin disease? What did that have to do with the cold?

Well, shifts in temperature can (and do) affect psoriasis and can trigger a crisis. But that was the least of my worries. I have always been prone to tonsillitis ever since I was a kid and always had to be extra careful in the winter to not get sick. But you know sometimes it would get me, no matter how much I covered myself up. If someone was sick in the office, I was surely the next one to take the hit.

But what do psoriasis and tonsillitis have to do with one another? Well, whatever affects your immune system can trigger a psoriasis crisis. Which is why whenever I start feeling a slight itch on the back of my throat, I buy extra FaceDoctor sea buckthorn oil soap. Of course, this treatment for skin disorders is not going to miraculously cure my sore throat and that’s not why I use it for. I use it both as prevention and as a complementary treatment for my tonsillitis.
The minute I know I’m close to getting sick, I already know my skin will start to overreact to it. It’s a chain effect that I’ve learned to deal with since a very young age. The difference back then is that I didn’t have an effective natural skin treatment I could depend on, and now I do.

FaceDoctor has allowed me to survive a psoriasis flare up even when controlling external triggers is out of my hands. It’s more than just a quick fix, it’s part of my emergency kit and my daily routine.

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