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Repair Skin with Sibu Beauty Sea buckthorn Facial Soap

Have your skin lost its luster and glow? Does the daily exposure to sun and harmful pollutants of surroundings left your skin dull and dry? Then fret not! Check out this article that guides you over latest product of Sibu which if used on regular basis helps in achieving beautiful and flawless skin in an easy way.

The use of pure, simple and effective Sibu beauty sea buckthorn facial soap washes away the dirt and pollutants which badly affects the skin. Regular application of this soap helps in moisturizing and repair of skin. It creates a protective barrier against the harmful UV rays of sun and its regular use also protects skin from cell damaging free radicals in a great way. Sibu beauty sea buckthorn facial soap lathers thick and wonderfully cleanses, detoxifies and repair skin in a magical way.

You all would be glad to know that Sibu beauty sea buckthorn facial soap cleanses, conditions and moisturizes skin in a great way. Also it wonderfully addresses rosacea and eczema symptoms. Since it is prepared from sea buckthorn berry puree it is 100% natural in its preparation and free from any chemical side effects. Hence people of any age group and skin type can use this magical soap without thinking much. This amazing soap also inhibits bacterial growth and revitalizes skin cells in a great way. It acts a perfect natural astringent for any skin type and helps in tissue recovery and healing.

Sibu beauty sea buckthorn facial soap comes in a 3.5 o.z bar. Apply this bar to wet skin with hands in circular motion. Rinse and dry gently.

Are you interested in knowing about the ingredients that are used in preparation of this amazing facial soap? The various ingredients used are sea buckthorn puree, coconut oil, sorbitan oleate, palm oil, safflower oil, purified water, glycerin (vegetable), natural fragrance from citrus essential oils, oatmeal, sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, soybean protein and sea buckthorn leaves. You would be glad to know that this soap is Paraben free and Cruelty free. No amounts of wheat, dairy, sodium, yeast and gluten preservatives are added to it in its preparation method. Moreover the sea buckthorn which is used in preparation of Sibu beauty sea buckthorn facial soap is sourced through fair trade agreements with local harvesters in Tibet.

So what more are you thinking now? Just get order this soap and enjoy healthy, glowing skin!

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