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Why people suffering from eczema recommend FaceDoctor products

I remember growing up, unlike the other kids I knew, I had my own shelf in the bathroom full of special skin care products. Suffering from eczema, in a way, made me special and, for a while, I enjoyed the extra attention and the possibility to buy specially made products. Obviously, when I grew older and found out there were things my friends did that I couldn’t do, like trying out the same makeup, it stopped being fun.

Constantly thinking about your skin condition comes with a price, and I don’t mean just the social awkwardness of having to explain for the millionth time why you can’t wear clothes made from synthetic fibers or why you’re kindly asking that lady at the perfume shop to not spray that product on your skin. It takes some getting used to.
The good part of having a chronic skin condition, though, is that new products are constantly coming out and others are being improved. In the past years, I’ve taken a turn into using all-natural products only. I felt my skin could use a break from all the chemicals overload I had been exposing it to in the past years. Now, I won’t lie to you, finding a line of all-natural products that were both effective and mild on your skin was not an easy task. I first started reading about what kind of natural ingredients should I look for in a product with proven results in treating eczema. The sea buckthorn oil came up often. All I had to do was find skin care products with the optimal amount of this active ingredient that would make it both effective and affordable.

Fortunately, it wasn’t as big of a challenge as I thought it would be, because FaceDoctor has a complete line of products that work and that all people suffering from eczema recommend. The line includes medicated soap, shampoo and hair conditioner, and beauty cream that you can use as a moisturizer, so you don’t have to buy any other separate skin care products ever again.

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