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I don’t have time for daily beauty routines, so I use this

When it comes to maintaining a regular beauty routine, I hate it. In fact, I must be one of the few women who hate going shopping for new cosmetics and skin care products every other month. But because I have extremely sensitive skin, I have no choice but to do it. Usually, one of two things happen. I either buy stuff in bulk at the supermarket or I get my favorite skin care products’ brand at discounts and buy myself enough supplies for one year.

The only problem with my buying strategy is that there are still too many products to use and too many steps to follow. Not to mention that their results are less than stellar. So last year I took the Herculean task to find one skin care product for sensitive skin that did it all. The bad news is that it took me months of extensive research and testing, which is awful for someone as lazy as I am. The good news is that I found that one product and since then I didn’t have to ever use anything else.

I can honestly say that all I have been using every day for the last months is FaceDoctor’s medicated soap with sea buckthorn oil. Nothing else. I think within one week I already knew this was it, but I still had to finish testing it. My skin felt smoother and healthier. I also felt like the results were more long-lasting when compared to anything else I had tried before. And I couldn’t believe it was just a soap! Even my friends thought I was joking! And they realized, quickly, that I was right once they started testing it for themselves.
How cool is that, narrowing down all your skin care products to one powerful soap? Oh and it’s all made with organic, all-natural ingredients, so you’re not overpowering your skin with more chemicals.

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