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There are many treatments available for skin care in the market. People are ready to do anything for a healthy skin. But it is better to use natural methods for skin care which is cost effective and ensures safety from side effects. Natural method involves treating skin using the extracts of naturally occurring herbs. It could be the extract of flowers, fruits or roots which are commonly seen around us. Though their effect will be slow it guarantees sure result.

There are many herbs used for skin treatment. Instead of wasting money for chemical cosmetics it is better to opt natural products. Some of the widely used herbs in natural products are

  1. Rose: Rose acquires the premier position in natural care. The petals of rose have the ability to hydrate and moisturize the skin and give a radiant effect to the skin. It also acts as a cleansing agent and helps in maintaining the skin tone.
  2. Peppermint leaves: The cooling effect of peppermint leaves refreshes the skin and also helps in providing even tone. It is also found effective in reducing swellings, bumps, rashness and itchness and helps in making the skin spotless.
  3. Burdock root:  It is an excellent root used for treating various skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis etc. It is also used for purifying the blood.
  4. Lady’s mantle: Its root and leaves are good healing agents against dry and chapped skins. It has got anti aging properties which makes the skin younger and softer.
  5. Chamomile: It is mainly used for treating hair and skins from rashes. It is a good solution for itchy scalps.
  6. Hyssop: It is found effective against sunburns and tans.
  7. Lavender flowers: It can add fragrance to your skin due to its sedative powers.
  8. Calendula: It is a good healing agent and also aids regeneration of skin cells.
  9. Cornflower: It has rich antibacterial and antioxidant properties which gently soothes the irritated skin.
  10. Comfrey leaves: Comfrey Leaves are used externally to rejuvenates your skin and also for healing and pertaining the moisture of your skin. Its anti-aging properties are effective against dry damaged skin and also encourage cell regeneration.
  11. Horsetail: The whole part of the plant has medicinal values. It helps in tightening the skin cells and also provides strength to the skin cells. It also aids skin regeneration and provides a healthy skin

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