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There’s no point in buying an anti-wrinkle cream if you’re not cleaning your skin properly

The number one mistake most women make when using an anti-wrinkle cream is not preparing their skin first. This is just as crucial as applying a primer to your apartment walls before you start painting. I was stubborn and learned this the hard way but you don’t have to.

Do you know what’s the only secret for having a healthy-looking skin? Your skin actually being healthy! Shocker! The principle is the same as with any other organ in your body: nurture it and treat it well so it functions as it’s supposed to.

Recently, I made a lot of changes in my habits and I noticed the difference in my complexion in the first couple of weeks. I began to drink more water and eat more fruit and vegetables, I stopped using oil-heavy makeup, and I cut my daily beauty routine time in half by keeping it simple. The reason why I was lazy about cleaning my skin properly was that it took so long every morning and every night. I was doing it wrong.
When it comes to skin care, you want to make it a habit, something you can do almost without thinking, and one that you can do effortlessly. Every time I looked at the five different products I thought I had to use just to keep my skin healthy, I would give up. I would do it every day for one week and then I would begin slacking again. Then I would see more wrinkles on my face, panic, and start all over again. This was a time-consuming vicious cycle and, you guessed it, not effective at all.

When I began to use FaceDoctor rejuvenating soap to cleanse my complexion, I knew I was on to something. It felt effortless, it felt soothing on my skin, and it felt light. All the things I had never been able to achieve with any other skin care product. I was delighted!

The all natural sea buckthorn oil is truly what makes the difference. I hardly use a moisturizer these days but when I do it’s obviously FaceDoctor too.

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