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How to Treat Sunburn

Sunburn is difficult to prevent completely, so careful families may sometimes feel the sting of a bad sunburn. Treating a sunburn requires multiple tactics, especially if you will be going out in the sun again soon. Here are the basic steps to treating a sunburn effectively.


Drink Water

Re-hydrating is essential to giving your skin the moisture it needs to recover. Drink a few extra glasses of water per day after getting sunburned to help your skin heal.


Take Cold Showers

Cold showers work best to cool the skin immediately after the skin has been burned, but they can provide soothing relief in the days after. Stick with cool water instead of hot water, as high temperatures may exacerbate the burn and dry out the skin further.


Avoid Tight Clothing

One of the goals in the aftermath of sunburn is to keep it from peeling. Although some peeling will be inevitable for severe sunburns, the layer of skin underneath the top layer needs as much time as it can to strengthen.


Wearing tight clothing over sunburned skin exacerbates peeling and causes severe discomfort. If you must wear long sleeves or pants, make sure they are as loose as possible.


Allow Blisters to Heal

Severe sunburn that results in blisters needs to be given extra time to heal. Avoid irritating or popping the blisters, as this may cause scarring and infection. If necessary, cover up popped or irritated blisters with gauze to provide more protection.


Moisturize Properly

Everyday lotions with fragrances and other irritants may make your sunburn hurt worse. You need to use a gentle soap that nourishes and protects the skin from further harm while it recovers.


FaceDoctor soaps are made with Sea Buckthorn Oil, which provides essential vitamins and hydration to your skin. It’s perfect for year-round use but is especially helpful in the days after a bad sunburn on your face or body.


Our First Aid Gel complements this process by using Silver Nano-Crystals to deeply penetrate and treat the skin. Stock up for summer, so you’re ready for whatever adventures lie ahead.


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