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I finally found the soap of my dreams

I am obsessed with cleansing my skin but I’m usually not a fan of the skincare products out there. Until I found FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap, I was fairly disappointed with other cleansing lotions and soaps. They would either make my skin feel too dry or too oily, there was never a middle ground. But with FaceDoctor there is a balance.
For all these years, despite the publicity around most of the brands I used, I never felt that the soaps and cleansing lotions were as effective as they claimed to be. I always felt there was residue after using their soaps and didn’t feel my skin was cleansed at a deeper level. However, my options were limited and I wouldn’t dare using a regular soap on my skin.

FaceDoctor Rejuvenating Soap doesn’t have a secret. I think its superpower is the perfect amount of sea buckthorn oil, the active ingredient that makes all the difference here. The minute you start using it, you feel your skin soothing. At least for me, that was the first sign that this skin care product was different. It’s also easy to buy and you can order it online or get it from your local health store. Unlike other products, it’s not some sort of limited edition or a product that won’t be available next year because the cosmetics industry (allegedly) improved the formula. Being able to rely on this soap made all the difference for me.

Recently, I have started to use their moisturizing cream as well, with the same flawless results howellsac.com. Although I could do fine with just the soap. I believe that using them together will be amazing for my skin, once I begin to use it more regularly. It will be like feeding my skin with some sort of organic super-food!

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