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Wrinkles are signs of ageing. They are creases and lines of the skin that appear as we get older. They are mainly visible on face, neck and hands. It is seen that genetic factors influence your ageing. The main reason for wrinkles is exposure to sunlight. Although skin ages all over the body it affects more where there is sun exposure. Also unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking contribute to the early ageing of skin. Since ageing is a natural process we can’t run from them. But once the factors speeding the wrinkling process can be sought out we can slow down the process and treat the subsisting wrinkles. Though some lines are temporary, they may ultimately become permanent due to ageing.

There are different anti-ageing creams and treatments available in the market. But it’s better to settle for home made remedies rather than using cosmetic treatment and measures that could have harmful side effects. The following are some of the remedies to prevent or reduce wrinkles.

  1. Make sure to have a balanced diet. A diet enriched with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains helps in promoting a wrinkle-free skin
  2. Drink plenty of water every day. It helps in moisturizing your skin and hydrate from within
  3. Try to get sufficient sleep. Also sleep in good posture. It stimulate the release of a hormone that helps in making the skin healthier&better
  4. Perform yoga regularly to calm your  nerves
  5. Massage your lines daily using a natural moisturizing cream or lotion. It may help in draining puffiness and make your skin soft and supple
  6. Squinting and frowning are also not good for face. Try to avoid them
  7. Try to have frequent face packs to make your skin smooth and wrinkle-free
  8. Whenever you go outside apply a good quality sunscreen lotion that helps to tackle the  hot sun rays

There are various natural products available for wrinkle treatment. Also we can try homemade remedies for wrinkles. Egg is a good skin tightening agent. Its white portion is applied with honey and a few drops of lemon juice on face. Tomato juice is also good for skin. You can either apply it directly on the face or can be used with any face packs. It helps in reducing the pore size and makes the skin texture even. You can also try sandalwood, papaya or orange peel face pack. It contributes in decreasing the fine lines and tones up the skin.

Also try to accept the wrinkles. They are the part our life!!

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