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What FaceDoctor did for my surfing career

The typical image of a surfer is someone who has a golden tan all year long and looks, overall, healthy and chill. No one thinks of rosacea when they think of a surfer. Well, I am a surfer who suffers from rosacea. And do you know what’s one of the most common triggers of a rosacea flare? Sun exposure.

So how did I manage to keep doing what I love and build my career as a surfer while dealing with rosacea? Giving up one over the other was not an option, so I started to read extensively on the subject.

The tricky part of someone with rosacea who must be in the sun all the time is to learn how to protect your skin from that aggression. I tried many different sun blocks but they would be too harsh or too oily which would trigger a rosacea crisis. It was like a weird loop when protecting your skin was making your skin condition worse.

When looking for a milder, natural rosacea treatment I came across the FaceDoctor’s sea buckthorn oil soap. I wasn’t sure if using nothing but a soap would do me any good, but I decided to give it a shot for at least a couple of weeks.

At first, I couldn’t believe a natural skin treatment could be this effective in just a matter of days and I thought it was just a natural first reaction of my skin, that it would get worse in the end. Then it came a time that I totally forgot I was using it when people asked me about what had I done to improve my rosacea. How could a bar of soap be that powerful?

There is no magic ingredient here or chemicals. Just a very effective natural active ingredient.

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