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Why I don’t use anything else but FaceDoctor products for my acne

I started using the FaceDoctor skin care products after trying out their beauty cream for about a month. I was so fascinated by the results that I started looking for everything else they had. It started as a test because I was so tired of using harsh chemicals and creams that only made my acne look worse after the first couple of weeks.
I needed something that respected my complexion but was as effective as possible in fighting acne. Until I found FaceDoctor acne soap I didn’t know that was possible. I always thought you had to compromise.
At first, I thought only the cream would be enough but I soon realized that using it in combination with FaceSurgeon Medicated Soap would be a lot more effective. And I wasn’t wrong. The way the soap cleans your skin gently and prepares your complexion for the cream is just out of this world for me! And I should know because I’ve been battling with acne since I was a teenager. Had these products existed when I was younger and I would have had a much easier life growing up.
I didn’t even know there were all-natural complexion soaps. For me, this was like a revolution in skin treatment! And the best part is that my daughter, who has started to have her first signs of acne, can start using the same products without me worrying that they are too harsh for sensitive skin. She might have the same propensity for acne as I did, but at least she’ll have better products to depend on and sooner than me.

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