Sea Buckthorn Oil

My Quest for the Perfect Natural Psoriasis Treatment Ended with FaceDoctor

When I was searching for the best remedies for skin problems for my psoriasis, I kept coming across the same recommended active ingredient. Sea buckthorn oil. Well, someone who has suffered from psoriasis all her life I was thrilled that they had finally found a natural ingredient that worked, but the prices for this miracle oil were quite disheartening.

I put my research on hold for a while but the name of the oil was stuck on the back of my mind. I was determined to find a more affordable product with this active ingredient, no matter how long it took me.
The problem with most natural psoriasis treatments, at least all the ones I had tried, was that they never delivered what they promised. Even if they claimed to have the sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient. Either the quantity was too small, or the oil was so diluted in all the other ingredients that the product lacked effectiveness.

But growing up with a chronic skin condition helped me be more patient than the regular human being, and so I wasn’t done with my research. It took me months, but last week I finally found something that worked, the FaceDoctor soap. Surprisingly, it’s not as new as I thought. It simply hadn’t been caught on my radar yet.

A friend found out about it through a co-worker and messaged me a link to the website. I carefully read through the ingredients, the awards, and the other clients’ reviews before I decided to place the first order. My main concern was to be using something that, again, would reveal itself as a fraud, but I had developed quite the tough skin (psoriasis pun) to handle disappointments.

Well, what can I say one month later? That it’s amazing. That it works. That it’s the best product I’ve ever used. And, most importantly, that it does what it claims it does.

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