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I didn’t know I could have healthy, dandruff-free hair until I found FaceDoctor

After countless shampoos and treatments for dandruff, it kept coming back. So, after some time, I simply became accustomed to becoming one of those persons who would always have dandruff. I ditched any clothes that were black or dark blue, I stopped wearing hats, and I would panic every time someone leaned their head against mine.
I mostly kept it under control and I managed to even pretend I didn’t have the urge to scratch my itchy scalp in public. Yes, my dandruff situation was this bad, and I had a very public and stressful job as a five-star hotel receptionist.

I had also tried different hairstyles following different people’s advice that having your hair this way or that way could make your scalp itch more and therefore cause more dandruff. Everyone has the perfect tip, right? I even used the technique of using a different shampoo for every day of the week. They had two things in common: they were all anti-dandruff and none of them worked for more than 12 hours.

My scalp was a mess most of the time, but fortunately, people couldn’t tell by looking at me. That was a relief.
Most people don’t know but one of the perks of working at a hotel is to go through what we call the lost and found treasure chest once a week. It’s basically a basket where we throw in stuff that customers left behind and that we couldn’t give back, except food, drinks, and clothing. For fun, we have a sort of a raffle every week to see what we got.

What did I get one day that changed my life? A bottle of FaceDoctor antibacterial shampoo. I actually thought the guys had played that trick on me but, no, pure chance. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to try it, right? After reading the label, I realized it was made with all-natural ingredients and by searching online I realized it was a brand I could trust so I went for it. I decided to use the shampoo for one week only and test the effects.
Well, it’s been two months now and I haven’t used another shampoo since!

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