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What’s the secret to my perfect complexion? The most powerful duo in skin care products

After years of spending too much money on the wrong products, I changed my daily beauty routine completely. I simply stopped using anything for a while. I knew this wouldn’t last and I’d have to find some skin care products soon, considering how sensitive my skin was. But I was fed up with all the marketing stunts out there and I needed to take a break from all the chemicals I was exposing my skin too.

I began doing a little research on what natural active ingredients to look for in skin care products. My mind was set on finding organic, all-natural products but the ones I kept finding in vegan shops lacked something. Sure, they were chemical-free, but there was something I felt was missing on the effects – they weren’t long lasting. My skin would do well for a couple of weeks but soon after it would show the usual dry and red patches.

Finding the FaceDoctor products was almost a miracle because I was about to call it quits. I had read a lot about sea buckthorn oil but this was an expensive ingredient to get, that certainly didn’t justify me making my own products at home. The problem was that all products I bought that claimed to have this oil as their active ingredient, failed to amaze me. The results were subpar which made me think there wasn’t any care taken in making a product with the optimal amount of this active ingredient. I felt the victim of another marketing stunt.

FaceDoctor rejuvenating soap and beauty cream almost fell on my lap during one of my trips to the local health store. The girl who were worked there and who knew me well was excited to tell me the news of this new product they had received. I bought it, but I remember being a little suspicious with its affordability (we are used to thinking that only the most expensive things are the best). At least it wouldn’t hurt to try it out.

And I don’t regret it at all! I never had my skin looking and feeling this amazing! Trust me, this is the only duo you’ll ever need if you have sensitive skin too.

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