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3 Incredible Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

There are many beneficial acids for your skin and body, but few are as amazing as hyaluronic acid. Your body produces hyaluronic acid on its own to help your skin and joints stay moist and lubricated, but as we age, your body may need a boost.

Using a hyaluronic acid serum can help your face and neck stay moist and supple. Since your body already knows how to use hyaluronic acid, it can improve your skin without leaving grease and oil behind. Here are the top three benefits of hyaluronic acid that can be unlocked at any age.


1. Moisturizing Skin

Unlike most acids, hyaluronic acid helps keep your skin hydrated and soft. Hyaluronic acid works by holding moisture against your skin, giving your skin time to absorb it. This provides a long-lasting boost to your skin’s moisture instead of just a temporary increase on the surface.


2. Reducing Wrinkles

By moisturizing our skin, hyaluronic acid helps our skin stay firm. Wrinkles are most visible when your skin is dry and can sag due to the effects of gravity. Moisturizing gives your skin a boost to stay firm and plump.

This effect of hyaluronic acid is visible even on days when you don’t apply a serum. You can get firmer skin long-term by making sure to apply hyaluronic acid products to targeted areas like your neck, cheeks, and forehead regularly.


3. Improving Wound Healing

Hyaluronic acid is known for its role in fast wound healing all over the body. Although we don’t have to worry too much about cuts on our faces, rashes and acne sometimes need help healing as well. Hyaluronic acid makes it easier for your body to bounce back from the damage caused by these conditions.


How to Unlock These Benefits

FaceDoctor has two serums with hyaluronic acid designed to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. The first is Acide Hyaluronique, which delivers a concentrated boost of hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturizing power. The second is Intense Rejuvenate, which has a combination of hyaluronic acid, Sea Buckthorn Oil, and other ingredients to soothe and moisturize skin that’s been affected by a variety of conditions. Try one for a rejuvenated and glowing complexion.




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