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Conditioning your tresses

What is the need for conditioning your hair? Most people think that mere shampooing is necessary to keep your hair clean and healthy. But, though shampoo removes the dust and dirt in the curls, it may tend to make the hair dry and leave it lifeless. Here comes the need for conditioners. Conditioning after shampooing helps to keep the hair healthy. Its main function is to coat the individual hairs giving them more body and making the hair look thicker and lustrous. It also hydrates and moisturizes the hair making the hair look smooth and silky. Conditioners are rich in protein and adhere to the hair, protecting the hair from external pollutants. Thus, it helps in reducing hair loss and makes the hair more manageable. It adds nourishment and life to your hair.

Choosing a conditioner

Conditioner is mainly meant for dry, coarse hair. It will moisturize the dry hair and prevent it from further drying. So take much care while using it on oily hair, because it may make the condition worse. So it is better to use a mild conditioner at the tip of the hair. Also, much care must be taken while choosing a conditioner. Nowadays, many conditioners are available to us. Try to pick the best one that suits your hair tone. One of the most in demand conditioners is Face Doctor’s Hair & Scalp Doctor Conditioner- a purely natural product for your hair care needs. With its active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil, it gently cleanses your hair and gives your hair a smooth and shining look. It makes your hair fibres strong from root to tip and also adds that moisture touch to your hair. It also tones the texture of your locks and gives you vibrant hair. It is very effective when used after Hair & Scalp Doctor Shampoo.

How to apply conditioner

Before conditioning, it is necessary to shampoo your hair thoroughly. After cleaning your hair, take a small amount of conditioner (depending on your hair length) in your palm. Gently rub it onto the roots of the hair without touching the scalp. Leave it there for some time. Then rinse it out thoroughly using lukewarm water. Make sure that there are no traces of conditioner left on the hair. Squeeze the excess water and pat dry. See the difference! Beautiful, healthy hair is all yours!

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