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How to simplify your life by downsizing even your skin care products

A couple of years ago, circumstances in life led me to reevaluate my priorities and decide what kind of lifestyle I wanted to have. It took me a long time to heal and to make peace with the things I could not control. Learning to let go is a process that can take years, but when you reach your goal, you feel so much lighter.

One of the things in the process is to downsize everything to your basic needs. For me that meant moving to a smaller house, getting rid of most of my clothes, and going down from dozens of skin care products to just two.
My mind used to be racing all the time with new ideas and projects. I never stopped. I was a workaholic and I enjoyed it. Or I thought I did. But here is one thing we tend to forget, if you don’t take care of your body too, it won’t have the strength to keep up with your mind.

The first sign that I had to make serious changes in my daily routine came in the form of a rash on my neck and chest. At first, I thought it was either something I had eaten or maybe the new shirt I had worn the previous day. When changes in habit didn’t change it and only seemed to make it worse, I fought it with all the medicated skin care products I knew of.

The next morning, the rash was all over my torso. Clearly, nothing was working and I was stunned when the doctor told me it was a stress-induced rash. The more I stressed about it, the more the rash would spread. He urged me to take sick days off and gave me a bar of Facedoctor medicated soap. “Use nothing else”, he told me. I was so worried that I obeyed the doctor’s orders immediately.

The soap fixed it and I still use it. In fact, all I use for my skin is this soap and the Facedoctor beauty cream. And yes, less is more.

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