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Sebaceous Gland

Sebaceous glands are skin’s special glands, which are responsible for the production of skin’s natural oil sebum on the skin. These glands are present everywhere on the body except on the palms, soles, top of the feet and lips. It keeps the skin and hair moisturized and protects it from external threats like infections, dryness, cracking etc. When the sebum is produced in the gland it comes to the skin surface through the hair follicles. While coming up, it helps to push out any dust particle, germs or skin debris that may have somehow entered into the hair follicle. During adolescence, the sebum production may increase due to the influence of a hormone called androgens. That is why teenagers are more prone to have pimples and acnes. In certain cases due to some reactions in sebaceous glands the sebum production may increase unexpectedly. This may lead to many skin irritations.

Acne: They are mostly visible on the face. When the sebum gets trapped in the pore, it may lead to the development of acne.

Seborrhoea: It is the greasy skin condition formed by the over production of sebum. Any unexpected reactions may cause an over secretion of sebum by the sebaceous gland. In some cases it may give rise to scales or crusts on the skin.

White heads: White heads are formed when the sebum gets clogged under the skin. It may appear as small yellow or white lumps.

Sebaceous Gland cysts:  This happens when the fibrous protein compound keratin builds up on a particular region of the skin. This may block the sebaceous gland and may cause the formation of a cyst.

It is found out that certain skin parasites like Human demodex may feed on sebum.

What can we do?

So what can we do if the sebum production increases unexpectedly and may cause ugly skin infections?  While treating acne, it is important to clean and moisturize the skin regularly. Acne soaps are good solution for this purpose as they remove the excess dirt and oil from the skin, besides imparting a moisturizing effect. In a long run, it also helps to heal all acne scars. There are a variety of acne soaps available in the market that claims to be effective against acne, pimples, white heads etc. But it’s better to try Face doctor’s herbal acne soap, Mystique of the Orient herbal Rejuvenating soap, which can be used on all skin types. It will help in removing the existing acne and also will preclude the development of acne in the future. 

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