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Safe and Natural Hair Care Tips

In this modern world everyone is very conscious about their health especially skin and hair. The main problem that everyone facing with regards to their hair is the dandruff, hair split and hair fall. Diet and lifestyle are two major factors that influence the health of the hair. Deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals and illness affects the quality of hair and problems like dandruff, thinning, hair, balding, premature graying etc. spoil the hair.

The structure of hair is like the scales on the skin of a fish that has overlapping scales around a central core called the cortical. So the hair care should be done on the scalp.

Shampooing is an essential part of hair care. Even the healthy hair gets damaged due to dirt, pollution, heat and excessive use of styling products. Usage of a chemical based shampoo gives a temporary prevention but it adversely affects the scalp and the growth of your skin. So it is better to use a natural antibacterial shampoo which is 100 % safe.

Sea buck thorn oil is a herbal product which has the power to cure almost all hair problems. It reduces   the dryness of your hair and also free from dirt. It can also offer you overall protection for your scalp and hair strands. Polyoxyethylene is a non-ionic surfactant used widely in preparation of natural antibacterial shampoo.  Daily usage of these shampoos can give you a clean and glossy hair.

After shampooing we need to use a conditioner as it like moisture applying to the skin. It is mainly good for dry hair. It gives shine, bounce as well as strength to the hair.

Some of the natural tips for healthy and shiny hair:

  • Massage the Scalp with pure coconut oil. This will also help growth of hair.
  • Applying a mixture of almond oil and gooseberry juice with finger tips on the scalp reduces the dandruff in the hair.
  • Boil a few hibiscus flowers in coconut oil. Filter and use this hair oil to control hair loss and thinning. Crush the leaves of five petal hibiscus flower and take the juice. Washing the hair with this juice also reduces the dandruff.
  • Wash your hair daily with a natural antibacterial shampoo to get rid of the polluted dirt from your hair.
  • Egg white is a good conditioner for hair.
  • Deep conditioning with curd, beer and egg gives a glow to your hair.

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