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Psoriasis-Get rid of that menace

Psoriasis can be really upsetting. It is one of the most mystifying and irritating skin disorders caused by our own immune system. In psoriasis the skin produces new cells far too quickly with the result that the older cells are pushed off the surface at an unusually rapid rate. This creates red skin with flaky, silver-white patches to form over the skin that causes itching and irritation. Small dusty scales can come off the skin’s surface at the slightest touch. These patches are commonly seen on the knees, elbows or scalp. In some rare cases they can be found on the palms of the hand, toe nails, soles of the feet and on the face. Though psoriasis is not contagious, it can be inherited. The chances increase with the number of close relatives who have the disease. Though we don’t know the exact reason why psoriasis develops, there are several triggers, which aggravate psoriasis flare-ups. Understanding these triggers is a vital step in preventing future psoriasis flare-ups. Stress is a major factor that triggers psoriasis flare-ups. Many people experience psoriasis flare-ups when they are stressed. So trying some relaxation technique or yoga can reduce the severity of stress. Also dry skin can worsen psoriasis. Dry skin gets cracked easily which provides an easy entry for micro-organisms, which in turn bring up itching and irritation. So it is advisable to moisturise your skin daily after bath with a good moisturiser.

Psoriasis sufferers should give special care to their skin. Cleansing and moisturizing are of utmost importance in psoriasis treatment. The cleansing helps to clean the pores and to detoxify our body. You can use the magical soap, Mystique of the Orient Herbal Rejuvenating Soap for this purpose. It is an all-natural herbal soap that is selectively effective against all the ugly skin diseases like acne, psoriasis and, rosacea. Its rich herbal ingredients form a powerful barrier against Human Demodex parasite, which causes various skin problems. Also its active ingredient sea buckthorn oil provides a soothing effect to the skin. For moisturization purposes we can use Face Doctor Beauty Cream. Its rich natural ingredients enhances skin rejuvenation and provide a moisturization effect to the skin.

Psoriasis is a non-curable disease. So the physical appearance can create great distress among the psoriasis patients. Hence the fellow people may try to support them in every walk of their life.

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