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Make your hair velvety soft using conditioners

One of the vital products in hair care is conditioner. It is necessary to condition your hair after shampooing. Though shampoo removes the dirt and oil from the scalp, it makes hair dry and lifeless. So conditioners help to augment the natural oil supply and give hair, shine and strength. Thus it helps to make the hair glossy and elastic. The basic task of a conditioner is to give your hair more body and make it more controllable. This works by coating the individual hair and making the hair in general look thicker and more luxurious. Also this thick coating protects the hair from external environmental threats. Conditioning is mainly meant for dry hair. So if your hair is already oily, then conditioning will make the hair oilier and greasy. Nowadays a variety of conditioners are available in the cosmetic market boasting of their magical effects. But many of these may have dangerous chemicals and gels, which make you lose much of your hair. So it’s much better to try natural hair conditioner for your use. These conditioners are devoid of any harmful substances and give hair a more intense kind of nourishing treatment with protection to counter dryness. Besides it revive your hair and scalp and promotes the growth of healthy soft hair. A best natural conditioner is Hair & Scalp Doctor Conditioner. It deeply nourishes and moisturizes your hair and leaves your hair smooth and silky. Additionally the thick moisturization coating protects the hair from external environmental threats. Also its natural ingredient like sea buckthorn oil provides a soothing effect to the hair and makes the hair fibers strong. It is more effective when used with Hair & Scalp Doctor Shampoo. Moreover, this conditioner is easily available through online stores and general stores. Following are a few natural hair-conditioning methods and tips.

It is better to use the conditioner once or twice a week after shampooing. Take a little conditioner in your hand. Then massage it over your hair for about 5 minutes without touching the scalp. The hair furthest away from the scalp requires more massaging. Then rinse it off completely. Make sure no residue is left behind. In the case of damaged hair, it’s much better to use a protein conditioner. Also it’s good to use a strong conditioner for dry hair and oil free conditioners for oily hair.

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