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How my part-time job as a teenager ruined my skin but FaceDoctor fixed it

As a teenager, while other kids were partying during spring break, I was working hard at whatever part-time job I could find to save up for College. I had seen my mother struggle to pay her student loan as a single parent of three, and I was not going down that road. I had applied for a scholarship but whatever extra money I could pocket was very welcome.

From junior year to senior year, I had the weirdest jobs you could imagine. The reason why I took them was because no one else in my hometown wanted to do them, so I had a good margin to negotiate a slightly higher pay (this explains why I enrolled in business school). But there was one part-time job, in particular, that would change my life and that took me three years to get my life back to normal. I was a mascot for a local fast-food restaurant and had to dress up in that hideous costume to entertain kids and their guests at their birthday parties. It paid really well, the kids loved me, but one month after wearing it I had serious doubts that the thing was dry-cleaned as often as the owner told me it did.

It might have been the highest part-time job I had that year, but it left me with a skin rash hard to get rid of. To be honest, I didn’t even want to know what caused it, I just wanted to get rid of it. The rash started on my arms and then spread to my neck and chest. It was awful!

I must have tried every single trick in the book to get rid of that rash! And although some of the products made it slightly better, it would never go away completely. Until I found FaceDoctor medicated soap that is. I am so grateful to my college dorm roommate who introduced me to the wonders of sea buckthorn oil and to the miracle soap she used to control her psoriasis!

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