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I never found the cause of a nasty rash, but I found the soap that stopped it

To this day, I have no idea what caused my skin to breakout the way it did last summer, but everyone has their theory about it. We were spending summer vacation at a tropical resort on the Pacific, so some said it was the pool, others say it was the combination of hotel’s linens and skin care products (which, by the way, I didn’t use), and my husband was convinced it was the fabric of my bikini (even though the rash started on my belly).

Whatever it was, I had the most miserable vacation in my life! The onsite doctor gave me a lotion and some antihistaminic pills to keep it under control until we went back, but the damn thing kept spreading. It kind of looked like poison ivy, except I hadn’t seen any around me… Needless to say that I didn’t spend another minute at the beach after that because I couldn’t bare the heat on my skin.

Back home, I hoped the change to a familiar climate would tone things down but it didn’t. It wouldn’t get worse, probably thanks to the pills I was taking, but it wouldn’t disappear either. The only way I could make this go away was by using an all-natural cream or soap. My skin was acting out and I wasn’t about to keep on feeding it with chemicals.

FaceDoctor Medicated Soap with sea buckthorn oil was the healing miracle I needed, according to the lady at the health store. I found her reaction to be a bit exaggerated but I didn’t have a choice and I was running out of options. Besides, trying an all-natural product wouldn’t hurt me as opposed to taking a risk with a chemical one.
She was right! It was a healing miracle! Unlike with the other stuff I had been using, the minute I started using the soap, I felt like my skin was finally able to breathe. It was the most soothing experience I’ve ever had and I haven’t stopped using the medicated soap ever since.

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