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Role of antibacterial shampoos

The scalp normally produces the skins natural oil, sebum that prevents the hair from being dry and flaky. But with time, dirt and other pollutants may get trapped in the sebum, which may cause itchiness and other hair issues. So it is necessary to cleanse our scalp regularly to promote a healthy and itch free scalp. In the olden days soaps were used to clean both the hair and body. But soaps usually left a thin film on hair and made the hair look dry, damaged and lifeless. This resulted in the development of shampoos, especially for hair care. This helped to remove the dirt, skin particles, dandruff, environmental pollutants and other contaminant particles that gradually build up on scalp without stripping out so much sebum. Today shampoo has become an inevitable product in hair care. Nowadays the manufacturers have to deal with a wide range of needs, varying from conditioning to anti bacterial formulas. Also mild shampoos are available specially meant for children. But the anti bacterial shampoos are widely demanded all over the world due to its rich anti bacterial properties.

Anti bacterial shampoos

In summer months, the scalp tends to become oilier and leads to the breakouts of acne in many people. Antibacterial shampoo together with a good conditioner helps in removing dirt and oil from the hair and scalp while leaving the hair manageable.  Such shampoo generally creates good lather, and has a pleasant fragrance. These shampoos contain one or more antibiotic agents, which help to kill bacteria that could enter the pores and form pimples. It is used to treat acne and staph infections- a type of infection caused by parasitic bacteria that can appear on the scalp. All skin infections should be examined by a doctor. They could prescribe the best antibacterial shampoo to use to fight the infection. One of the widely prescribed anti bacterial shampoo is Face Doctor’s Hair & Scalp Doctor Anti Bacterial Shampoo. It promotes healthy, clean and lustrous hair on formerly itchy and flaky scalps. Also, it makes the hair fibers strong, from root to tip. Moreover, its active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil provides a soothing effect to your scalp. Owing to its rich herbal ingredients, this shampoo can be used on any hair type. The conditioner provides a moisturizing coat to the hair fibers and makes it look smooth and shiny. Also the thick coating protects the hair from external threats.

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