Getting rid of rosacea is simpler than you think

I don’t remember for how long I’ve had rosacea, but I remember the day I was properly diagnosed. That was one year ago and, until then, I had heard countless comments about the causes of my strangely red areas on my face. Well, going to a proper dermatologist in the first place could have helped speed up the process I guess.
I had mixed feelings when the rosacea diagnosis was final. On the one hand, I was relieved that my skin condition finally had a name. On the other hand, I knew that rosacea was probably here to stay and I had little options to make it go away. Nevertheless, I was ready to live with it and keep it under control the best I could.
My doctor is the best because he explained the disease to me in a way that I understood the causes and the triggers, so I could make minor adjustments to my lifestyle. The first, and most important, thing was understanding that rosacea is caused by the Human Demodex parasite and the best way to keep the flairs under control is by preventing it from spreading and preventing further infection. It sounded perfectly logical to me, except none of the skin care products I had used before seemed to have worked that way. In fact, they kind of only masked the symptoms and I never felt any improvement was being made.
But the FaceDoctor medicated soap, with sea buckthorn oil as an active ingredient, completely changed my perception of skin care products (and coincidently my life with rosacea). The oil is one of the well-known ingredients that prevents the parasite from spreading and I felt the first results almost immediately. Well, it wasn’t overnight, but I felt the difference within the first couple of weeks or so.
I know the rosacea is not completely gone and I have to keep it under control for the rest of my life, but just by looking at my skin now you wouldn’t believe it’s there! And without makeup tricks too!

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