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First signs of wrinkles? Don’t run to buy the most expensive cream in the shop

I remember when I first spotted my first thin line across my forehead and wondered how long had it been there. Was I too late to get rid of it? Should I have started taking care of my skin earlier? Like every other woman I know, the next day I went to the nearest cosmetics shop and bought the most expensive, most effective, most celebrity-endorsed anti-wrinkle cream I could find.

Did it work? It did for as long as I used it. Once I stopped, due to a serious skin reaction, the wrinkles were there again. Well, since then I’ve learned to embrace my wrinkles. Partly because I now have allergic reactions to any anti-wrinkle cream filled with chemicals, and partly because I’ve learned that the real beauty comes from moisturizing and respecting your complexion’s balance.

This allergy prevented me from buying the so-called effective creams, and I’m glad it did. I’m also glad it didn’t turn out to be something more serious. But I did find the only beauty cream that I can still use as a moisturizer and as an anti-wrinkle cream, without compromising my skin’s health. FaceDoctor’s beauty cream completely changed my life and, also, my face. The best part is that it’s made with all-natural ingredients, including the super effective sea buckthorn oil. Not only does it prevent premature aging, but its formula also respects the balance of my complexion and turns this cream into something very soothing for your skin.

I know it sounds too good to be true but it really is that effective! And the great results don’t come with the big price tag. If you think more expensive means better, you need to reassess the skin products you’ve been purchasing in the last years.

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