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Ten shampoos later, and I finally found the one that works on dandruff

I think it’s safe to say I had a dandruff problem during the most of my adult life. I tried organic masks, pharmacy-bought shampoos, and even weird tricks you see on youtube channels. Sure, things would be fine for a couple of days and then dandruff would come back in full throttle.

After battling with the thought of seeking medical help for something as stupid as dandruff (that’s what I thought at the time anyway), I finally made an appointment with a dermatologist. I was expecting another prescription for a pharmacy-bought shampoo (I had already tried 10 anyway) and was surprised when she suggested something completely different. That day was the first day I heard of an all-natural, organic shampoo for dandruff, the Hair & Scalp antibacterial shampoo.

It kind of sounds like a fancy name, doesn’t it? And, to be frank, I thought it was more hype than actual effectiveness when I bought the shampoo at a health store. I mean, how could a natural product be that powerful against dandruff when none of the other chemical ones were?

I’m happy to say I was wrong. This anti-bacterial shampoo has some serious super powers, all thanks to its active ingredient, sea buckthorn oil. The first thing I noticed was that my scalp stopped itching almost immediately, while with other shampoos that took almost the whole treatment to take effect. Then I noticed how it didn’t dry up my hair like the other products had done before. And, wait for it, I managed to completely control the reappearance of dandruff. All that thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of an organic, all-natural shampoo! How is that even possible, right?

I was ecstatic with such great results that I just had to spread the word about it! If you want you can also use it like a regular shampoo because it doesn’t harm your skin at all.

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