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When Eczema Takes Over Your Head

Just when I thought I had finally mastered the art of dealing with eczema, I started to have the same itchy dry spots on my scalp. I wanted to believe it was probably dandruff but once I felt the patches with my fingers I knew what it was. They felt as familiar as the spots on my arms and knees. Eczema had taken over my head. Well, my scalp to be precise.

The problem for people who suffer from chronic skin conditions like eczema is finding the right product. Eventually, we do but it can take years of testing out different products and not all of them with the desired results. My biggest fear was hair loss. I was terrified of losing my hair if whatever shampoo I was trying that month didn’t work fast.

I never lost my hair but I never saw breakthrough results either. Eczema just stayed there in a lukewarm state, not spreading but not improving either.

I was in the middle of one of my hair wraps as my mom called them when I read about the sea buckthorn oil and the benefits of it for people suffering from eczema. As I waited for the product I was using that day to set, I kept reading the article, intrigued by this mysterious ingredient that seemed to heal skin.

Everything sounded great but there was one little problem. They mentioned creams and soaps with that oil as an active ingredient but they didn’t mention shampoos. I felt my dream shatter.

The next day my mom told me she had just found the best remedies for skin problems online and she had a surprise for me. They had shampoo and a conditioner! And this is pretty much the story of how FaceDoctor changed my life, by allowing me to control my scalp eczema.

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