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Why I chose FaceDoctor to control rosacea

People who suffer from rosacea are as excited as doctors are whenever there is a breakthrough in either new treatments or on the research around this skin condition. The best one for me, so far, was to understand how the Human Demodex parasite influenced rosacea and how the sea buckthorn oil was the best natural ingredient one could use to control it.

But knowing what causes the disease and how to probably end it is not enough. And of course, when there is a need for a specific product, the prices go through the roof. That is exactly what happened with products for rosacea. They now all had the active ingredient sea buckthorn oil but they were either too expensive or the ones we could afford didn’t have the optimal concentration of the oil for it to actually be effective.

Finding a product that works and that is affordable was difficult for me for a long time, until I found Facedoctor’s DermaPro Beauty Cream. This award-winning product has the highest concentration of Sea Buckthorn Oil, clinically proven to kill the Human Demodex parasite, and it doesn’t cost as much as you would think products like these would cost.

This was a breakthrough in my life and in dermatology because it completely changed how we saw the disease and how fast we could control it and even heal.
Ever since using this cream my rosacea simply disappeared. I still use the cream, though, since its overall benefits on my complexion are visible enough to make me want to keep using it. And I guess part of me still fears that the Human Demodex parasite comes back again stronger. Because the cream is made with all-natural ingredients, it’s not harsh on my skin at all, so it’s perfectly safe and normal to use it as an ordinary beauty cream.

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