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My son’s final battle with acne

Boys don’t worry so much about acne as girls do until they have to start shaving and all those pimples are a nuisance. When my kid went through his first real acne flare, he also struggled with shaving. The problem was I knew all the tips and tricks for girls’ skin but had no idea what boys’ skin was like, especially with all the facial hair.

I knew the basics so I stuck to it: keeping the skin clean and as bacteria-free as possible. All the skin care products for acne that I found were either made for teenage girls’ skin or those who were made for boys were so harsh that his skin became too sensitive for a while. There had to be something better than that, preferably something that wasn’t outrageously expensive!

The day I found FaceDoctor’s medicated soap I thought “this is it, this is what’s going to work for him”. It seemed pretty straightforward, an anti-bacterial soap with sea buckthorn oil, with soothing properties as well as strong in getting rid of acne. And, most importantly, not ridiculously expensive given that one bar of soap could easily last for three to four months. He was thrilled knowing that’s all he needed, given that he wouldn’t like any complicated daily routine just to get rid of acne for good.

To this day, people still ask me (and him) what was the secret to getting rid of acne so fast and so flawlessly. A lot of the people don’t even believe us when we say it was nothing but soap, a very special kind of soap. It sounds too good to be true but that’s exactly how it worked out for him. And it works on all types of skin too, even the sensitive ones. I think that’s the real groundbreaking aspect of it.

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