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Most people don’t believe I get rid of my acne using nothing else but a soap

When I accepted the invitation to go to my High School reunion I think most people expected me to not show up. I had been miserable for four years, constantly struggling to control my acne. The battle was long and accompanied me through College. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that I finally got rid of acne for good.

When I reached the venue, I had two different reactions. Some of them had trouble recognizing me (I had changed a lot, physically) and some of them (especially the girls) could not believe how amazing my skin looked. And, of course, everyone wanted to know the secret.

As they asked for tips, I always gave the same honest answer: I got rid of my acne for good thanks to an all-natural medicated soap. I could tell by the look on everyone’s face that that wasn’t the answer they wanted to hear, with some of them even doubting I was telling the truth.

But I was. The secret to my perfectly balanced complexion today is the regular use of FaceDoctor medicated soap, nothing else. I had no plastic surgery, no abrasive treatments, and no magical, highly-chemical cream to wipe them all away. All it took was to finally find a product made with all-natural ingredients that respect my skin’s balance and restored my face to what it was supposed to be all this time.

I understand it’s hard for people to believe it since it’s not a highly advertised brand or a product that you need a prescription to buy, so they are a bit skeptic about it. But I don’t care what they think! I love it and I will never use anything else again! Well, except maybe the FaceDoctor beauty cream, as a complement to the soap.

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